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Over the Mountain Festivals, Inc. is only possible because of the generosity of our sponsors. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All monetary gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you would like to know more, please contact Philip Capra, Festival Chairman at



You can support the Festivals every time you make a purchase at! For every purchase made through the AmazonSmile link, Amazon will make a donation to the Festivals. This does not effect your price, because Amazon makes this donation from their proceeds.

Another way you can support the Festivals is by purchasing Holiday Citrus for the coming Advent season. For a listing of fruit available, click here. You may also place your order online, and then use the link below to make payment online, if you desire. Thank you for ordering your holiday fruit from the Festivals by November 18th!


We are also pleased to offer you the opportunity to join our list of sponsors by contributing online, if you so desire:

To dedicate your donation in memory or honor of someone, or to donate anonymously, please email


Please click here for a donor form that may be mailed to the address below or information submitted by email to


Gifts may also be donated by mail. Please send donor form with check payable to:

Over the Mountain Festivals, Inc.
P.O. Box 661284
Birmingham, AL 35266-1284

Festival Sponsors




Over the Mountain Festivals is grateful for a grant from the Alabama Council on the Arts...
 well as from the National Endowment for the Arts.

We also wish to thank these corporate sponsors

Thank you to these many individual sponsors

Presenter Level
Jim and Margaret Roy 
(In honor of Walter and Wiley Howard) 


Musician Level

Bill and Rebecca Gray

(In memory of Stacy Gray)



Soloist's Level
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Smith
The P. Gaston White Family
(In loving memory of Eva C. White)


Singer's Level
Charles and Mary Ruth Caldwell

Jo Anne Hamrick Coggins

Bruce and Ida Dunbar
Margaret and George Fritsma
(In honor of Margaret Fritsma)
Timothy and Jana Shultz
Anonymous (2)


Music Lover's Level
Winifred Baim
(In honor of P. Gaston White)
Dave and Trisha Balius

Joel S. Birdwell

Charles Boyd
Chuck and Margaret Clarke
Elizabeth Dreher

George and Kathleen Duquette
Michael Martin
Barton and Polly Long
Howard and Shirley Palmes 
Mary Anne Schultz
Dick Voran
Ferrell and Elaine Walton 
(In honor of Don Voss)

Jean M. Wood

(In honor of Don Voss)
Anonymous (2)


Friends of the Festival Level
Virginia Acton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Armbrester

Barbara Baites

Bo Bashinsky
Joseph and Anne Bloomer
Reneé Brown
William and Elizabeth Crotwell
Holly Dees 
James D. Fallon

Sallie Garvin
John and Sadie Goodman
E. Langston Haygood
Wendy Hellings
Charles and Rosemary Jager
L.C. Kane
Robert Lamborne
George McLean
Walter and Peggy Monroe 
Sarah L. Moseley

(In honor of Ruth Dagnan)
Bert C. O'Neal
(In honor of Dr. Bo Bashinsky)
Beck Renneker

Blair Roper
Keith and Teresa Silliman
Pattie N. Smith
Stack Stachelski
Paul and Helen Stubbs

Dr. Kenneth and Kay Suggs
Naomi J. Tarvin 

Jack Traffanstedt

(In honor of Ruth Dagnan)
Robert and Nancy Turnage
(In honor of P. Gaston White)
Anonymous (4)


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